Let's talk about pool!

While CueTable has been a great online visualization tool in emails and online discussion forums for years, people can now use it in blogs to share their pool experience among more people.

To help you get started, we have made a few "CueTable-ready" sample templates. Simply browse through the list on the right, find the one you like the most, follow the template instruction in that blog, and you will have your own blog up in 10 minutes.

- It's fun and free
- It's automatic and care-free
- It's organized, searchable and shareable
- It's going to help you, your friends and others online

Possible Uses
- Training diaries for learners
- Online classroom for instructors
- Group discussions for league team members
- Public fan meeting place for professional players

Our goals at CueTable are to encourage clear communication among a newer generation of players, to promote ideas of sharing within the billiard community, and to display heathy messages of pool to the general public. Let's work together and share all the great ideas and fun with everyone!

To learn how to add a CueTable layout to your blog post, please check CueTable.com > Software Tutorials > Lesson 9. Once you have your blog set up, please send us your link via blog_support@cuetable.com, we will add it to our blog link section on our website and blogs.

Thank you!